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Search has dominated the online marketers imagination for the most of last decade. With Google being the 500 pound Gorilla of the online world, marketers have learnt to have their” keyword dreams”. With its capacity to inundate your site with traffic, it is not surprising that all online marketers have gradually turned into Google paparazzi.

Enough ink and hyperlink have been dedicated on shadowing the latest google algorithm updates or its acquisitions and their possible meanings. Every move of the company is scrutinized, analyzed, and crucified so thoroughly that if ever Google hired a PR agency, its executives will pass every stress test ever conceived and be useful test subjects for POW research.

Evolutionary forces though are the greatest challenge for any niche domination strategy so as always happens, competition was slow to gather its forces but it did finally arrive. That too from unexpected quarters. It started with people simply wanting to do more things on-line like connecting with their friends and sharing thoughts/events and messages. Soon communities got formed. Now where there is a community, there is a marketer.

Online Marketers have in last few years slowly realized that searches’ domination as the preferred media of business awareness is now being challenged. Buyers digital pathways to purchase or their ZMOT Lagrangian ( zero moment of truth mapping function) are getting increasingly zagged. What wasonce a linear path of stimulus, purchase and feedback has developed humps

Search though still relevant and dominant has however been contextualized in ZMOT. It has become one of the activities from THE Activity. This interplay of search and social has made the marketer’s role even more challenging with the need to meet and greet buyer at his specific stage of buying cycle has become