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Woody Allen’s disclaimer “I'm not afraid of death; I just don't want to be there when it happens.” underlies an essential truth about our macro world. If you knew where something was at a particular moment, you would have a choice about what to do with it. This choice, however as Mr Heisenberg discovered, does not extend to the quantum world. ( TO BE DELETED)

Marketers, being in the same world as woody (or maybe not), though have the availability of the same choice. If they knew where their audience was and what was it doing, they will be able to engage them meaningfully.

An Ogilvy research indicates what the users are doing online withtheir time. It highlights the key brand interaction and engagement activities. The activity most indulged in is watching the brand video ad on line, followed by search and site visit.

Downloading branded apps, reading brand blogs, recommending the brand to friends and participating in competitions are some of the other activities that the users engage in.