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Andrew Jackson persuasively argued “One man with courage makes a majority “but those were the times when majority was garnered locally and courage was considered to be an elysian virtue befitting a man.

Times have moved on since. Hyperlinks have replaced handshakes as social relationships largely have come to be intermediated by digital technology. So in a world as virtual as this, where each vote represents one voice, does a man and his courage still create a major upset?

Well the answer to that question might still be moot, however with social media becoming the dominant channel for companies engagement with their prospects to WIN@ZMOT (zero moment of truth) and again with their customers to notch up a WIN@SMOT( second moment of truth) as a CRM strategy, the answer to the question if social media is a one man play is apparent.

No company can hope to score WIN@ ZMOT or FMOT if they do not allocate adequate resources to these campaigns. In fact in an emarketer survey ( as below) the chief mistakes being committed by marketers with regards to social media is non allocation of time/resources and then followed by lack of coherent strategy of WIN@ZMOT and then lack of clear targets or objectives.