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Search ROI is easy to track but not simple to measure. This isbecause it has an impact which goes beyond its traditional role of starting the ZMOT (zero moment of truth) Lagrangian. It has an impact on the First moment of truth (FMOT or point of sales) as well as Second Moment of Truth ( SMOT or brand engagement). An effectivesearch campaign transcends the truth at all its varying moments.

Lets see how the multilayered impact of search weaves its impact :

Zero Moment Of Truth ( ZMOT):

  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Improving Brand Perception
  • Brand Competitive Landscape Mapping
  • Supporting other online activities
  • Increasing Web Traffic

First Moment Of Truth (FMOT)

Increasing Sales

Second Moment of Truth ( SMOT)

  • Making Events response in Real Time Possible
  • Improving overall customer experience.

Typically marketers map search ROI .

However that’s a narrow view of ROI being driven by Search Marketing. At Media Mosaic we specialize in thorough analytics to study the multi- ordered ROI generated by a good search campaign. Allow us to show you how to mount and measure a search marketing campaign effectively to create WIN across all moments of truth. We call it our “WIN@ZMOT with MM” campaign.