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The doorways to the other world are lost to us. The Doorway to digital world though is still accessible. However you need a key to unlock it. That key, incidentally, is your own website. It is the space from where your branding process starts. It is where you are positioned in the long queue awaiting your turn for the business flood.

With a majority of the business dealings being concluded on the internet today, the absence of a well developed and optimized website can hurt your business prospects badly. It can lead to a branding loss, ranking loss, customer loss and then finally revenue loss.

One of the important sources referenced and trusted by most shoppers researching for information online (or being in their zero moment of truth, ZMOT) is the corporate website. Search Engines also rank web sites. Now imagine a customer typing a query in a search engine and finding your competitors on the SERPs instead of you. Then Imagine them having found your website, not sticking to it for bad user experience. You have lost the ZMOT even before the actual battle has commenced. You have been bypassed.

The rise of social media has taken competition to a whole new level where losing a single vocal customer can prove to be detrimental for your entire business. It is crucial for every business to have a well developed and optimized website, strategically combining branding, marketing, content and search engine optimization activities.

We can help by making your website a winning moment on Shopper ZMOT pathway. Contact us now for your custom “WIN@ZMOT with MM” campaign.