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The last decade showed a big change in the way we comprehend and use Information Technology within business contexts. Progress of IT research and development led to technologies such as distributed computing, content management, data mining and processing – all of which fulfil a wide range of business needs.

‘Content management’ though relatively new is not an unknown term anymore. It concerns the principles and practices for the development, management, maintenance and deployment of content within an organisation or across multiple organisations. An open source content management system or CMS is the professional and simple to use website content management system that lets you create and maintain beautiful websites in most efficient ways. And Media Mosaic helps you take the first step in this direction!

Open source content management systems have fully browser based user interface and configurable editors for structured content with well defined fields. Using the best open source tools like Drupal, Joomla and WordPress our team plans, designs, and develops your projects in effectual ways. Want to know more about open source content management systems and check which ones suit your website the best? Read on:


To make content management system a piece of cake!

Media Mosaic Recommends Drupal

  • For a complex, advanced and versatile website that calls for complex data organisation
  • For community platform websites with several users
  • For online shopping stores