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If web was a monarchy content would be the king.

Most businesses due to lack of a central playing strategy and a clear line of sight to a Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) Win end up bypassing the effort needed to create engaging content which stays rooted to their central brand positioning and vision as well.

Those businesses that do bring the commitment for a ZMOT play, often get into writers blocks and experience poverty of ideas. They often struggle in “how to”of ZMOT killer content.

At media mosaic we recommend some of these approaches for ZMOT content creation:

Value Added Content:

  • Compile best practices guides. These are bumper hits as peoples “How to” quests are insatiable.
  • Lift the Hood to your culture and value kitchen and let the customer have a peep. They will be intrigued.
  • Create a syndicated column and with recurring frequency posting similar theme content. Over a time this will become your
  • content signature and create engagement.

Industry News:

    Share real-time photos of events/occasions that mean something to you whether they are inside or outside of your business.
  • Sift industry news for recent developments and then narrate them in your brand voice
  • Go to an event and bring it live to your audience in form of tweets, posts, visuals and sounds.

Analysis and Reviews:

  • Interview experts and industry leaders for your audience. Their sound bytes through your channel will hook visitors up to your outputs.
  • As a spin on the interview content strategy, invite guest posts from luminaries and thought leaders. They bring their audience and also add to yours.

We at Media Mosaiccan help you define, refine and online, your content play. Contact us today for helping you craftyour “WIN@ZMOT with MM” campaign through compelling content.