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If a picture is worth thousand words then a video being a moving frame of pictures is an epic.

Well as you think about that statement here is some data backing it. According to Forrester research, one minute of video is roughly equally to 1.8 million words in value or 36,000 web pages. So the choice between video content and text content is essentially no brainer that is if you still think you have a choice around that.

However just economy of labor is not the only reason why you want to create rich media or video content. There are other compelling reasons as well.

It is the most engaging form of content out there and having the maximum recall value.

There are various researches which put the incremental amount of time spent with a video on an average to be between 2 to 4 minutes.

Also the action taken after watching the video crosses 50% benchmark with users either making a purchase, visiting a website or looking for additional information. Also the retention of the message was found to be at least 30% higher amongst the people who watched video vis a vis getting messaged from any other content marketing channel. Retailers consistently report that products that have a video associated with them far outsell products which do not carry associated videos.

Videos Caters to a Big Market and if you are not using videos you might be losing out on them.

One study puts 33 as the average number of videos an online surfer looks at in a month. Out of 100 million people who watch videos everyday, lots of them are looking for the How to or product related information videos.

Videos Go Viral very fast.

Videos get embedded into pages or get shared across social media channels very quickly. Give your users a reason and watch them take your video off your hands. Video overall is a killer Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) tool for popularizing your message. So if you are not big on video marketing, it is time to rethink your content strategy.

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