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Business Blogging empowers ZMOT marketers to create and own media space to broadcast their messages without channel noise. If there was a microphone for a digital marketer this has to be it.

If done consistently and in branding voice, business blogging is one of the best podiums for making your brand message public. It is one of the surest reference points (out of the ostensible 10-12 references) that a Zero Moment of Truth (ZMOT) oriented shopper consults during his ZMOT research cycle.

It is the spot where you can display your wares with their full sheen. You can showcase your products, their benefits, differentiating nuances, purchase schemes apart from your culture, values and other softer aspects of the business. If you create a compelling narrative at your business blog, chances of turning a casual engagement into a ZMOT win magnifies.

In fact, as studies quantifying impact of a business blog on the inbound marketing multiply and their numbers start to decorate a spectrum, it is amply clear that quantification may vary but the conclusions are clear.

Your business blog has to be a centre piece of your ZMOT marketing strategy.

It helps you generate traffic (number of posts a month are positively correlated to overall growth of traffic), create engagement (again a positive correlation between blog posts, consistency and the number of leads generated over time) and service customers (answering queries and comments regularly is positively co-related to sign ups and user participation in events).

Also the impact of running an effective business blog is cumulative over time. The community gets built up over time leading to even more engagement and commitment.

Business Blogs and their community building potential is heightened in the case of medium sized business which are in B2C domains.

Media Mosaic, as your ZMOT agency, helps you plan and engage your community through your blog. We plan tactics and strategies to create effective blog posts as well as create user engagement for a “WIN@ZMOT with MM”. To know how your business blog can be your biggest digital asset contact us NOW.