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ZMOT Defined:

ZMOT (ZERO MOMENT OF TRUTH) is a marketers window to positively influence his potential customer’s buying decision, during the entire cycle of her product research.

One google study indicates that a typical buyer has undergone radical behavioral shift and now references, on an average, 10.4 sources before making that purchase.

Jeff Marder’s observation , “we live in an age where pizza gets to your home before the police”, aptly sums up a ZMOT marketers challenge.

A marketer can only WIN@ZMOT by being present and engaged, with a shopper, during her complete non linear journey through these 10 influence touch points (What we at Media Mosaic call this Buyer’s ZMOT Lagrangian). WIN@ZMOT is thus possible only when you help actively shape your buyer’s ZMOT Lagrangian.

Evolution Of ZMOT

Marketers traditionally have been MOT (Moment Of Truth) ninjas.

Until now, for them, only two MOTs were applicable which were labeled imaginatively as First and Second Moment Of Truths (FMOT and SMOT). They with their customary routines had these two moments pinned down.

FMOT, according to A G Lafley, former chief of P&G, arrives when the shopper is standing in front of the aisle and deciding to cart your product against the competition or if she is shopping online, FMOT is that moment of marketer’s ecstasy when the buyer hits the pay now button.

As a marketer when your product gets selected amongst the peer group or overcomes shopping cart abandonment angst, it is your singular moment of triumph. You have scored a big win at FMOT.

Second Moment of Truth ( SMOT) dawns when the product is brought home and tested against its averred promise. If the promise is broken your brand gets damaged. However if the value is fulfilled, and your product/service delivers, you get a lifelong convert. That’s a big SMOT win.