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We hire people with two important characteristics.

First, people who do not subscribe to Steven Wrights work ethic.

He defined it thus: “It is a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it”. Not our kind of comic guy.

We are, on the contrary, always looking out for small world painters.

If you believe that the world is shrinking and the angles of six degree of separation are getting acuter but this is an opportunity not a problem, we will be interested to hear about your coloring skills. So when you come to meet us do carry your paintbrush and your sketchbook.

Secondly, at Media Mosaic (2M) we believe there are two kinds of people in the world. One who when enter the room say” here I am” and second who when they enter a room say “there you are”.

We have found that we invariably end up hiring people more from the second group.

So if you posses these two characteristics, we might be the right platform for you to sharpen and showcase your skills. Kindly send us your resume at careers@media-mosaic.com