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ZMOT (Zero Moment of truth) that time window, when buyer engages in research before the purchase, is the time when you need to meet and engage her.

Two converging forces have promoted the need for brand from a “good to have” medal to “die without you” urgency.

Let us consider the force of escalating competition first.

Digital world, in actuality, is now a HYPERCOMPETITIVE market. With the flattening of the geo- economic boundaries it is winding down every business, without a clear differentiator, to an outright price war with its digital neighbors. Those neighbors might not be in your space or even in your own time. They might be in their garage overalls yet. But competitors they are.

Secondly, new industries and services are emerging, which maintain old sane business boundaries more by trespass than by privacy. This inter industry cannibalism is adding extra thrills to existent inner industry rat race.

Second force gaining strength and gaining on any marketers heels is rising consumer intelligence.

With ZMOT now, the eternal marketing war for customer mind space has acquired steroids. With the increase of customer research footprint@ZMOT, businesses who cannot convince customers that they are different than other 10 -12 he has surveyed, will find themselves struggling.

Also the differentiation is no longer about one ZMOT window but about a continuous engagement process. If you are not looking after your customer on a sustained basis, someone else will be happy to oblige.

Hence you need a brand urgently today as it helps you win at each MOT ( moment of truth):

  • Differentiate @ ZMOT
  • Higher conversion rates@ FMOT
  • Higher Lifetime Value @ SMOT.


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