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An anonymous quote, that you cant please everyone, sometimes you cant please anyone, captures in excruciating detail the day reality of any ZMOT (Zero Moment of Truth) marketer.

If you are a brand, there will always be someone who will not like your being so. Then if you are unlucky or having a bad service day or both, very soon, their bad posts will find thier way to your ZMOT web terrain.

Your moment of anxiety would find its photo frame when your CEO calls to seek an explanation.

With customers at second moment of truth (who have had a brand experience with you) contributing heavily to the ZMOT of your fresh prospects there is no way you can avoid some bad posts about some brand experiences which is not up to mark. No-body is so perfect to totally avoid the bad press. Not even Lady Gaga.

In days of past when these experiences were scattered, they were easy to diffuse. However in thecurrent ecosphere of ZMOT realities, some negative reviews will always findmore negative reviews to hang around with. Also in the ZMOT world past never goes away. Three year old reviews might still influence today’s shopper decision.

So as a ZMOT marketer you will always have a challenge of countering some negative press.

At Media Mosaic we have found that the best way to deal with such eventualities is not to try and avoid them but engage with them.

Overall , as a ZMOT marketer, you are better off focusing on your positive brand reviews. You have to build such a strong positive voice, that few negative reviews look out of place. Even those that exist have to be handled with level headed courtesy.

To have a clear strategy for Brand maintenance is an imperative in ZMOT world. Contact us to help you do an end to end, differentiated ZMOT strategy for you. We help business run their “WIN@ZMOT with MM” campaign.

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