Travel ZMOT Journey of Consumers

In order to reach a final purchase decision, a consumer goes through different phases of a Travel ZMOT journey. During this journey, he visits multiple ZMOT Touch points. Thus, we bring before you this journey of a travel shopper with the help of numbers. Take a look at this Infographic for more information:


Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones

Media Mosaic is world’s first fully integrated ZMOT (Zero Moment Of Truth) agency, specializing in creating unique campaigns, to help brands WIN@ZMOT. We bring an extensive knowledge of consumers’ demographics and their buying behaviors. This helps us to strategize our clients’ online marketing campaign for maximal ZMOT ROI. We achieve the defined objectives, by mounting research based and interlocking, Branding, Content, Search and Social Media marketing activities. For further info on how to WIN@ZMOT visit

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